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The Jewel Law Firm

5342 Estate Office Drive, Suite 3, Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Phone: 901-685-2408           FAX :  901-685-2421

Email: jewellawfirm@bellsouth.net

Welcome to the Jewel Law Firm.  We are located at 5342 Estate Office Drive, Suite 3, Memphis, Tennessee.  Our offices are north on  Estate before the railroad tracks.   We are located in the heart of East Memphis.  We would like to represent you in your next real estate matter.  Our attorneys can handle  your purchase, sale, refinance, or lease of  real estate.  We can assist you in writing a real estate contract to buy, sell or lease real estate.  If you close your real estate sale or purchase in our office, there is no charge for the preparation of the contract. We can also provide other real estate services including title searches and title insurance.  We can help you with real estate needs in Tennessee and northern Mississippi.  Please call Rita at the above numbers and we will be happy to assist you in your real estate matter.

We can also represent you in general civil legal matters in Tennessee and northern Mississippi such as:

  • Simple wills and estates and trusts

  • Divorces, child support and family law matters

  • Bankruptcy including Chapter 7, 13, and 11.

  • Evictions and debt collections.

  • Banking and consumer finance related matters.

We are members of the Metlife (Hyatt ) Legal Plan. 


We are proud to offer a 10% discount to any active or retired military member.





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